External monitoring and sensing system for lactate and/or glucose – the perfect partner for MicroEye®


The neat, stylish ContinuMon® system is designed to complement Probe’s patented MicroEye® continuous sampling technology.

ContinuMon® allows clinicians the flexibility to monitor lactate and/or glucose in real time, and view results graphically on a PDA or laptop.

  • Provides real-time continuous data for venous glucose and/or lactate, in conjunction with MicroEye®.
  • Facilitates more informed decision-making, particularly regarding therapeutic interventions in critical care.
  • Attaches to the patient’s arm for freedom to move the patient around the hospital.
  • Designed for safety and convenience; a simple charger can replace the flow cell ensuring that the device cannot be connected to mains electricity when connected to the patient.

ContinuMon® applications

Developed by Probe Scientific for use in critical care monitoring, ContinuMon® has also been used as part of a system for lactate monitoring in athletes and for continuous drug monitoring.

  • Lactate
  • Glucose
  • Continuous Drug Monitoring

Safety and Performance

Probe’s ContinuMon® device has been designed and developed from the beginning with safety in mind. It carries the CE marking for sale in Europe and Probe Scientific is certificated to EN ISO13485:2012 for medical devices.

Declaration of Conformity



For more information on clinical applications, or to request a demonstration of the ContinuMon® and MicroEye®, please contact us.