Probe successful with EU grant

Probe Scientific has been successful in its application for grant funds as part of the highly rated EU clamp study. This will result in Probe’s MicroEye® being evaluated in a number of key European centres. MicroEye® will be evaluated with a variety of different sensor and pump systems.

Despite increasing expenditure on diabetes treatment, many suffers do not achieve good glycaemic control.  New drugs are in development and a key technology in their search is the euglycaemic glucose clamp technique. This method measures the effectiveness of a new anti-diabetic drug to lower blood glucose levels by stabilising a subject’s blood glucose concentration at a target level through a variable infusion of glucose.  Our EU-CLAMP Project aims to develop a new generation of automated clamp device using Probe’s MicroEye platform technology.  The EU-CLAMP project receives funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.

Further information is available from the at EU-Clamp Project website at