SUCCESSFUL volunteer studies

Probe has recently conducted a number of successful volunteer studies at it Bedford laboratories. These studies will continue throughout the autumn during which time Probe will be recruiting additional clinical partners for the next stage of studies.    

Neil Smith CEO of Probe will be attending ESICM October 2nd –October 5th.

Neil Smith CEO of Probe will be attending ESICM October 2nd –October 5th. The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine is an Association of individual persons. The ESICM was founded in March 1982 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a non-profit making international association. ESICM supports and promotes the advancement of knowledge in intensive care medicine,…
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Advances in antibiotics therapy in the critically ill.

A recent paper by Jean Louis Vincent shows how important continuous therapeutic drug monitoring will be. Infections occur frequently in critically ill patients and their management can be challenging for various reasons, including delayed diagnosis, difficulties identifying causative microorganisms, and the high prevalence of antibiotic-resistant strains. In this review, we briefly discuss the importance of…
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Latest publication on Interstitial fluid for glucose control

Use of interstitial fluid in tight glycaemic control in ICU is not without risk.  Dr Mark O’Connell comments on a recent paper. Read full article The inherent weakness in all systems that rely on measuring interstitial fluid glucose (e.g. under the skin devices) is that they need clever algorithms to try to predict blood glucose. …
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Report on recent microdialysis conference

Dr Mark O’Connell commented on the recent International Microdialysis Conference held in Uppsala (see, saying that he was pleased the focus is moving to improving drug therapy.  Probe Scientific has the microdialysis technology to improve the use of hospital based medication.  Mark points out that studies show that drug use is frequently sub-optimal and…
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