New research and development resources

Probe has entered into an agreement with Aston University to assist with new application research and analysis.

Aston University will undertake key analytical programs using its existing equipment and technology.  The program is likely to provide analysis for microdialysis samples collected using Probe’s MicroEye®.  The first analytes will probably be Vancomycin or Gentamicin. Support for the program “’Promoting Biomarker Development in West Midlands SMEs” is being provided through grant funds from ERDF.

Promoting Biomarker Development in West Midlands SMEs or contact Rachel S Willetts

We are always keen to work with new partners and are pleased to note how efficiently the program was agreed.

The ability to continuously monitor drug and antibiotic levels in blood has potential uses in a wide variety of applications includeing therapeutic drug monitoring and critical care.

Probe continues to work on a number of applications for its blood sampling technology including continuous glucose monitoring and therapeutic drug monitoring. Probe licenses the technology to companies for exploitation.

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