Probe Scientific is working with leading researchers to highlight the benefits of continuous, automated real-time online monitoring (CAR-TOM) using the MicroEye® system in a growing range of contexts.

Clinical drug studies

Drug pharmacokinetic studies using continuous sampling provide an accurate picture of changes in blood concentration over time, and may reveal effects not seen using only conventional timed samples.

Drug pharmacokinetics using continuous sampling

Personalised medicine

‘Personalised’ medicine is often too narrowly defined in terms of pharmacogenomics – using the patient’s genetic information to achieve the best drug therapy. However, this may be of limited practical help.

Recent UK studies have shown that pre-dose metabolite profiling can enhance drug treatment outcomes.* CAR-TOM has a role to play in determining an individual’s metabolic makeup – an important factor affecting drug metabolism, efficacy and toxicity.

Sports medicine

With research suggesting that blood lactate response to exercise is a better predictor of endurance performance than VO2 max, MicroEye® is the ideal platform for sports medicine applications.

Continuous, automated online real-time lactate data enables more accurate determination of an elite athlete’s maximal lactate steady state (MLSS) than standard finger-prick methods.

  • No finger-pricking or earlobe lancing required.
  • No blood withdrawal.
  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Offers concurrent measurement of additional analytes including glucose, pyruvate and other energy-related metabolites and markers.
  • Potential to test for adrenal insufficiency to reduce the risk of adverse events associated with severe stress.

More information

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