Evaluations continue successfully

Review of first five patients at St Peter’s and continuation of the trial Following the start of the continuous, automatic glucose monitoring trial at St Peter’s Hospital Chertsey a review has been successfully carried out on the data received from the first five patients. The trial now continues with further patients. In addition to the…
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Successful start to immunosuppressant monitoring trial

  Wednesday 18th April saw the successful start to the Nanodem immunosuppressant monitoring trial in Munich. The first two patients completed their 48 hour monitoring and further patients are planned in the next few days. In addition to monitoring the immunosuppressant cyclosporine, it was also possible to monitor the patient’s glucose. Analysis of dialysate samples are…
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Probe systems in clinical use

Probe is pleased to announce that it has started clinical evaluations of its MicroEye and ContinuMon monitoring systems. The first evaluation has commenced at St Peter’s Hospital Chertsey UK. Subsequent clinical work will commence in other centres in the New Year.

EISCM September 24th – 27th

Neil Smith will be a delegate at the forthcoming ESICM Lives 2017 conference and exhibition in Vienna. For details of the meeting see http://www.esicm.org/events/event/Vienna-2017 Please contact Neil – neil.smith@probescientific.com to arrange to meet there.    

Latest Publication from the Nanodem project

The latest publication from the Nanodem project shows the progress made in Point of Care (POC) testing systems for use with Probe’s MicroEye sampling system. Please click here for full details