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Continuous monitoring
of important blood analytes

Now a reality using the MicroEye

  • bulletSafe, simple and inexpensive
  • bulletAvailable now to measure Glucose and Lactate
  • bulletMany other potential applications
  • bulletImproved outcomes with better information for clinicians
  • bulletComplete system prototype available for demo. Integrate with bedhead data systems or stand-alone

a revolutionary approach to blood sampling

News & Events

» Probe Scientific’s ContinuMon® monitoring system CE Marked

Probe’s ContinuMon® monitoring system is now CE marked. The neat, stylish ContinuMon® system is designed to provide the external monitoring and sensing system to compliment Probe’s patented MicroEye® continuous sampling technology

Latest Clinical Studies


A poster was presented by the Nanodem consortium at the Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems conference in Toulouse The poster describes work to develop a system for the continuous, automated monitoring of immunosuppressants in transplant patients.

Licensing & Sales

MicroEye now available for sale or licensing from Probe Scientific. Find out more »

How the MicroEye works

The MicroEye

Provides a continuous stream of blood biomarkers without the need for blood withdrawal

  • Minimally invasive
  • Mitigates infection risk
  • Real time data at the bedside from stand-alone or integrated display
  • Automated, continuous and online - carries CE marking
  • Extensive range of uses and applications - more than with any other continuous monitoring technology
  • Strong IP portfolio

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